​​People always joke that "dog" spells 'god' backwards. Maybe we should consider that it may be the higher power coming down to see just how well we do. What kind of people we are. Maybe how we treat our pets is a test. 

​                 - LINDA BLAIR-

Our New 2024 Calendar is out, scroll down for dates

*January dates should read Wednesday 01/19 & 01/26 12pm-2pm and Friday 01/28 1pm-4pm

​Where's Bruno?  You can find him here.


The Pantry on Wednesdays will now open @10:30a

These are the BASIC GUIDELINES TO RECEIVE PET FOOD.      You can receive food on your first visit!     Just complete our simple application.

Bruno's Pro-Bone-O-Pet Pantry requires a little bit of basic information and requires you to sign an Affidavit. 

Any personal information we may ask for will be kept strictly confidential and will not be shared with anyone for any reason. The data we collect is for purely statistical reasons.  We may ask you to provide additional information at any time.

You must agree that pets are for companionship and not for breeding or any illegal activities. 

You must agree to maintain a healthy environment/living conditions for all pets. If this is not possible you must notify someone. 

You must agree to give your pets’ adequate fresh water daily. 

You must agree not to tether or chain your pet(s) 24/7. 

We can only distribute food to you once a month. We must also limit the number of pets that are given food. This can be discussed on a situation basis. 

We reserve the right to refuse assistance to anyone who abuses the program regardless of their income status or needs. If for any reason donated food or items is resold by any household member, all members of the household will be banned from our program permanently. 

By accepting food or services from Bruno’s Pro-Bone-O-Pet Pantry, you agree, if asked, to allow Bruno’s to provide and use a testimonial from you as to how Bruno’s has helped your family and pets.

By accepting food or services from Bruno’s. all household members, friends and family agree not to hold Bruno's Pro-Bone-O-Pet Pantry, NFP., it’s staff, and benefactors legally liable in the event that their pet becomes ill, the food upsets the pets stomach or the pet passes away. Recipients are made aware of the risks that can occur when feeding their pets a new food because it is unlikely the food they will receive is the pet’s usual brand.