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December 2021 Holiday Stockings

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We are 501(c)(3) charitable organization.  Bruno’s is often referred to as a food bank, but a very different food bank, as Bruno’s is only for pets. Pet owners facing financial hardship can turn to Bruno’s Pantry to help feed their best buddies until they are in a position once again to be able to care for their pets. But that’s just the beginning! We strive to support our military veterans, especially those suffering PTSD with service animals, the disabled, the working poor and the elderly.

Since our inception, we are proud to have been able to provide help for pets in parts of Kane, DuPage and Cook counties in Illinois.  Last year Bruno’s was able to help over 3,000 pets stay with their families by providing:

•Canned and dry, dog and cat food
•Dog and cat treats
•Flea and tick collars
•Doggie diapers
•Toys for the holidays
•Sweaters and other protective gear
•Grooming products
•Waste pick up bags
•Kitty litter

This is only the beginning.  We are working to expand Bruno’s! We will be creating a ‘Bruno’s Food Truck’.  Our food truck will give us the ability to join other food pantries in the greater Chicago area but also deliver food and supplies to those that have difficulty getting to a pantry.  We are also working hard to support our veterans! We know the difficulties veterans face, and it’s especially hard knowing they risked their lives to make the US a safe and strong nation and now we are here to support them.  If you know of a veteran (or anyone else) that could benefit from our service please let them know about us.
We hope you can support our cause!  Visit our donation page.

Thanks again for visiting

This year we were excited to present all of the pet families in crisis needing food for their pets, with surprise doggie and kitty Christmas Stockings on all three December Pantry days!

Thank you for visiting Bruno’s Pro-Bone-O Pet Pantry.  

​- Bruno